1. Super Basic is a top-tier, tag team digital development studio based in DFW.

Web apps and software product consulting are among our specialities. We strategize across domains and deliver across the stack thanks to a couple decades of combined cross-sector experience, an ambition to stay curious, and partners who want to make software better for people.

2. We enjoy diversity in our clients and projects.

B2Bs, cultural non-profits, Fortune 500s, DTC e-comms, startups that have publicly listed, agencies large and small, multi-national NGOs – you name it. Collectively, we have built and supported mobile apps, video kiosks, scrapers, bots, and websites visited by millions of users across more than a hundred projects for quite the cast of clients.

3. We deliver high impact work.

Sometimes the most critical work is the hardest to identify. We define and prioritize work that matters and that has led to outcomes like:

  • 80% Increase in add-to-cart

  • 50x Faster mobile deploys

  • 10% Increase in conversion

  • 2x Time on site

  • 100x Faster trade execution

4. Fit matters.

Here are some examples of work we would be interested in:

  • Building a web app with 3D interactivity to hype employee rewards

  • Auditing your team's e-comm site to improve AOV

  • Rebuilding your legacy ops system to accelerate workflow

  • Hardening the security and increasing observability on your mobile app's API

  • Aligning your dev team's ops to improve product delivery

We are glad to talk to you about, say, the latest release of Next.js or what we have learned from the Shape Up approach to defining an MVP. But we don't want to presume.

Every project is different, and we like to keep things simple – so let us know what matters to you.

5. We are advancing the DFW tech community.

Check out Full Stack DFW, an online-first group we host to facilitate community and improve learning across the stack and across the metroplex.

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6. Enjoy some recommended food for thought.

7. Learn more about us.

James loves to build software that people love to use. He’s an ace at shaping and structuring projects, delivering from concept to number crunching, and telling hard truths in the friendliest way.

Previously, he built websites and apps with agencies like the Richards Group and software company Real Geeks. He has worked on projects for clients like Dr Pepper, Shiner, Schwab Trading Services, and The Home Depot.
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Chris does not shy away from a novel challenge. He has a steady hand and sharp eye honed by years of helping develop websites, mobile apps, and campaigns from discovery to delivery with a user-focused, results-oriented discipline.

Previously, he ran a solo studio and worked for agencies Sapient and Ashe Avenue. He was worked for clients like Vice, Goldman Sachs, the MCA Chicago, and the UN.
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8. Get in touch if you want to make software better for people.

Drop us a line via [team at superbasic.xyz] or schedule an intro call with Chris now whether you have a project in mind or are just curious to know more about us.