1. Super Basic is a top-tier digital development studio based in the US.

tldr: specialized web apps and software products.   

Future-focused with a decade of far-reaching, cross-sector work experience, we strive and strategize across domains with myriad technologies in the pursuit of software that is better for people. 

2. We enjoy diversity in our clients and projects.

Cultural non-profits.
Fortune 500s.
Direct-to-customer brands.
Startups gone public and awry.
Agencies large and small.
Multi-national non-governmental-organizations.
Artists and creative entrepreneurs. 

We have built and supported web and mobile apps, enterprise and intranet projects, video kiosks, IoT integrations, scrapers and bots, and all sorts of websites visited by millions of users across more than a hundred projects for an evolving cast of clients and collaborators. 

3. We deliver high impact work. 

We often seek out the most critical work which can often be the hardest to identify. We shape and prioritize work that matters and that leads to measurable outcomes that our clients talk about like:

4. Fit matters.

Here are some hypothetical examples of work that would interest us:

Yes, we are glad to discuss the latest release of Next.js or what we have learned from the Shape Up approach to defining an MVP. But every project is different. We are glad to meet you at the beginning or anywhere therafter.

We like to keep things as simple as reasonable so let us know what matters to you.

5. Enjoy some of our recommended food for thought.

6. Learn more about us.

Chris does not shy away from a novel challenge. He has a steady hand and sharp eye honed by years of developing websites, mobile apps, and campaigns from discovery to delivery with a user-focused, results-oriented discipline

Before Super Basic, he ran a solo studio and worked for agencies Sapient and Ashe Avenue. He has worked for clients like Vice, Goldman Sachs, the MCA Chicago, and the UN.
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7. Let's make software better for people.

Drop us a line via [team at superbasic.xyz] or schedule an intro call with Chris now whether you have a project in mind or are just curious to know more about us.